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Marriage Supper of the Lamb 


To here music please click on the "Launch Jukebox" link above. In 1991 I moved into a boarding home after finishing college.  I was single and broke so I rented a room in a seven bedroom home near Pacific Lutheran University .  I met a friend there named Gerry Eagan.  Usually in the evening after everyone came home from work I would sit on the piano and just play songs that I had written as well as, hymns and other songs that I remembered.

One evening after I had about played everything I knew, Gerry came by and asked me to play him a song. So I made up a new one and called it “Gerry.”  About two years latter I performed it live on Victory Radio in Washington State . 

  Approximately two years later I showed up at a church building in Tacoma Washington to attend a meeting.  Since I was early and hardly anyone was in the building I decided to play the piano alone in the back room.  I eventually began playing the song “Gerry,” but this time as I was playing, and invisible choir surrounded me and began singing words to my song.  I played for a while trying to figure out where the sound was coming from.  I slapped myself in the face and head several times.  Then I got up and looked throughout the room and the other rooms near my location, and I was the only one in this area of the church.  It would have been impossible for someone to hear my song so far away and sing exactly in time to what I was doing a long distant away.  Therefore, I knew that I was surrounded by a supernatural presence (angels) sent directly from the Lord.

  It was confirmed, through my playing.  What I did was play the piano and they would start singing, but whenever I stopped playing, they would stop singing.  I quickly started playing the entire song through, but at the same time, I was listening carefully to the words they were singing.

After we were finished I quickly turned around and thanked the angels for coming to sing for me.  Then I prayed to the Lord and thanked Him for sending the angels to me and giving me the words to my song.  I also asked him what I should do with the song and Revelation 19th chapter came to my mind.  So I changed the name of the song from “Gerry” to: “The Marriage Supper of the Lamb.”

  This is the vocal version of the "Wedding Feast."  The song "Gerry" which later received the name: "Marriage Supper of the Lamb" forms the basic foundation for this CD.  The music is mostly instrumental on the mellow side, but 3 out of 10 of the songs include singing and readings.  The ten songs on the CD include nine of my first compositions produced after college.  Each of the songs is based upon a true story or event in my life that is connected directly to the theme.  If you are looking for relaxing music, but would also like the complete version of what this CD is about then you will want to buy this one.  Otherwise if you would rather only have the instrumental version then I would recommend you buy The Wedding Feast.

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